13,14 November 2019
Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Studies of Materials (LEPCM)
Faculty of Materials Science
University of Batna1,   Batna, Algeria


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Training day on the QUANTUM ESPRESSO code

12 November 2019





  Thermodynamics is a powerful investigative tool applicable to various fields of physics and chemistry. Metallurgical thermodynamics processes the prediction of the type, number, amount and the stability of phases containing one or more metals, which may exist or co-exist at thermodynamic equilibrium by in establishing the phase diagram of the system and determining its thermodynamic functions. Established phase diagrams are roadmaps for technologists and industrialists in the development, forecasting, and the discovery of new materials.

The International workshop on the thermodynamics of metallic alloys & the International Congress on the World of Technology and Advanced Materials (WITAM'2019) will provide a forum where researchers in this field, present their recent work, exchange experiences, strengthen ties of scientific cooperation and contribute to the promotion of research and development by approaching advantage of socio-economic world.